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Friday, April 1, 2011

I have this cookbook at home I bought from National Bookstore last year. From the cover, you may assume it will have something to do with drinking beer. You are right. The cookbook's title is Pulutan: From the Soldier's Kitchen.

I am not an alcohol drinker (you can't even make me drink Cali). The closest to alcohol that I ever had (and actually liked) was Chamdor. And it's not even liquor, but sparkling juice (I drink only the peach flavor with the orange label, by the way). Oh, and the mass wine during my First Holy Communion and the wine toast during our wedding (neither of which I liked).

So why do I have a cookbook entitled Pulutan? Because my not drinking alcohol has not really stopped me from loving pulutan fare. I love popular local beer mates such as sizzling sisig, calamares, kilawin, etc.

Another reason I bought the book was its history. It was written by two soldiers. Yup, two army guys who were part of the Magdalo mutiny way back in 2003. While they were detained and awaiting their fates along with their other comrades, they would cook. Relatives visiting them would bring fresh meat and seafood. Sometimes, relatives brought them food. The book became a collection of their experiments and of recipes learned from fellow soldiers and their relatives and friends. The book had a wide array of common dishes, tricked-up recipes and exotic options.

Swabeng liempo (sorry, no spareribs available)

We tried the recipe Swabeng Spareribs one evening. I had earlier bought over a kilo of pork liempo. And although the recipe explicitly called for spareribs, that didn't stop big bro, who got curious with the recipe, from trying it. The recipe isn't about the usual suspects; I was forced to buy some ingredients I don't often use, like liver spread (which I don't really like much), and mix them with bell pepper, pickles, etc (huh?).

The dish received mixed reviews, although generally positive, form the family. I personally liked it since I like strong flavors. Little bro found it overpowering for his simple palate.

Rice meal made swabe.

I'll cook this another time. I think my father-in-law will like it. =)

Swabeng Spareribs
Recipe in Pulutan

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