So ridiculously busy...

Friday, November 19, 2010

19 NOVEMBER 2010. Haven't been able to cook lately. I've also promised to start an ode page to my favorite foods and restaurants, but that hasn't materialized either. =(

And it's just not because of the wedding preps.

Mom and dad had relaunched their cake and empanada business last month, which is doing really good. I'm happy with the response we're getting. We don't seem to run out of orders. But it has its downside, of course. Because apart from conducting wedding supplier transactions, attending to wedding-related prep tasks like guest list update, addressing the invitations, sorting the souvenirs, food-tasting, program planning, church briefing, canonical interview, pre-marriage seminar and visiting suppliers, there's order taking and confirmation, production planning, occasional raw materials purchasing, box assembly, product sorting and packaging, final inspection and confirmation, and delivery. I also do the payment collection and keep my own spreadsheets.

Waaah, alas-dose na! Hindi pa matapos-tapos!

This is more of an apology post. I'll make something more decent later on. I'm sure Danes will remind me to one of these days...

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