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There’s more to the title of this blog than meets the eye.

A few months ago, I sent an email to Yummy.ph to ask them about the release date of their next quarterly cookbook. I must commend the editorial board. I sent the email to Yummy’s general email address, but it was the editor-in-chief herself who responded to my inquiry personally and promptly, too. I then replied a message of thanks and praise.

March 2010. When I got to the office, some of the girls in my department were telling me to open my office email. I was still taking my time with my breakfast (I think I was having then my favorite turnover from Le Coeur de France with a cup of hot tea). But anyway, seeing the suspicious look on their faces, I opened my mail.

One of the girls sent me an email (CC’d to a few others). Lo and behold, attached was a photocopy of a page from Yummy magazine’s March 2010 3rd Anniversary issue… and a critical portion of my email to Yummy—critical, meaning, with reference to my upcoming wedding (of which up to this time is still a secret to my workmates).

Incriminating evidence

Of course I almost went berserk. But I immediately recovered my poise and reverted to please-wait-for-the-press-conference mode.

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